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Where is Harwin
Harwin street is in south west Houston. Go on Highway 59 South toward Sugar Land and then take a right on Hillcroft street and Harwin is the next intersection.

Can you post employments ads for our shops?
You can send us all your requirements for the job at Once we get all the details then we will call you to confirm and then we will post your emplyment ad on our web site.

Do you charge/have fees for posting our emplyment ads
No, This service is free for all business owners whose business cards/info, banner are on

How can our business be diplayed on
You need to email us information about your business including - Business name, Phone No/fax, Email, WEbsite, a description of your business, a business card and/or a picture of your business to Once we get all the information your business should be up on the site within 24 hours

How we can put a Banner on your web site.
We offer Banner on home page and other categories page. Banner on home page cost $299 for one year and on Catrogy page for $199 for one year. You can email all details and pictures for your flash banner. Once we receive all information and pictures then we will contact you for confirmation. Once we get final approval then we will flash banner and load on the web site within 36 hours. We will also email you one copy of this flash banner so you can use it for any other purpose.

How we can send Newsletter to subscribers of
We can design and develop one of the best news in html form and send to all subscribers of the site. This services is $99 for one newsletter or $175 for two newsletter and $350 for 4 newsletter a year. If you would more newsletter then $75 for each newsletter. Your have to send all details and pictures to use in newsletter by email to us at

Will Cyberjee customers get a discount.
Yes, If you use our Graphics, Printing and Web site services then we will give you 25% off in all fees.

If we do not have a web site for our business.
If you do not have a web site and like to show your web page on your shop section then we can develop you one page web site only for $ 99 for one year cost and host free from our server or we can help you build a good web site at very reasonable cost. It may go up any time. Call for details and free consultation: 713-382-3281 or 281-394-2366.

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